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Acute Kidney Injury Course



Of the 13.3 million cases of acute kidney injury (AKI) and 2.3 million AKI-related deaths reported globally each year, approximately 85% occur in low- and middle-income countries. The mortality rate for AKI in sub-Saharan Africa is approximately 32%, which exceeds the comparable rate of 24% reported globally.

AKI is preventable with early diagnosis and aggressive management.

However, the lack of awareness of the risk factors, symptoms of AKI, and failure to promptly diagnosis and treat patients with or at risk of AKI result in the high morbidity and mortality rates seen across sub-Saharan Africa.

With knowledge and skills general physicians will have the competence necessary to assess and manage patients with or at risk of AKI.

To help general physicians manage AKI cases competently and improve the current level of care and patient outcomes, we have created an online self-paced acute kidney injury management course using a case-based approach.