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the MiLHO Initiative

Online Courses for Healthcare Professionals

Type 2 Diabetes Course

A Case-based Approach to Management

The African continent has the greatest proportion of people with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, and global projections show that it will experience the highest future increase in the burden of diabetes. However, type 2 diabetes and its risk factors can be effectively managed. This course is based on guideline recommendations for type 2 diabetes management. Content includes risk factors, complications, screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Pretest, progress check, and posttest quizzes keep learners on track.

Reproductive Health Course

A Case-based Approach to Management

The global prevalence of subfertility and infertility is 8% to 12%, but the prevalence is 9% to 30% in sub- Saharan Africa. Delayed conception or failure to conceive is associated with a significant socioeconomic and psychological burden. This course, based on guideline recommendations, provides a case-based approach to infertility management. Content includes definitions and Etiology, Screening, Diagnosis, and treatment. Pretest, progress check, and posttest quizzes keep learning on track.

Acute Kidney Injury Course

A Case-based Approach to Management

The lack of awareness of the risk factors, symptoms of AKI, and failure to promptly diagnosis and treat patients with or at risk of AKI result in the high morbidity and mortality rates seen across sub-Saharan Africa. With knowledge and skills general physicians will have the competence necessary to assess and manage patients with or at risk of AKI.

Stroke Course


Stroke is ranked as the second leading cause of death worldwide. While stroke cases have declined in high-income countries over the past four decades, cases have increased in low- and middle-resource countries. Africa is among the highest reported stroke cases, affects younger people, and the deadlier haemorrhagic stroke is more prevalent.

Hypertension Course


Hypertension is a strong predictor of ischaemic heart disease and stroke, two conditions the World Health Organization identified as leading causes of death worldwide. Hypertension affects approximately 1.4 billion people worldwide and is responsible for more than 10 million deaths annually. Yet, only 14% of affected individuals have their blood pressure under control, and despite the highest burden in Africa, just 7% have their blood pressure under control.

Our Courses are CPD Certified

The Missing Link to Improved Health Outcomes (MiLHO) Initiative provides online CPD courses that recognize and consider Africa’s unique medical practice environment by developing evidence-based and relevant content. The initiative aims to expand opportunities for CPD to assist healthcare practitioners in staying current with evidence supporting patient care in their local setting. The MiLHO Initiative’s courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service.