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Missing Link to Improved Health Outcomes

What Is the MiLHO Initiative?

MiLHO stands for the Missing Link to Improved Health Outcomes. The MiLHO Initiative focuses on creating online continuing medical education courses for healthcare professionals in low-resource countries. Our goal is that courses are accessible, affordable, and relevant to the unique local practice environment to deliver optimal patient care.

We recognize the challenges healthcare professionals face. That is why we have focused our attention on the following:

  • Content presented in short lessons of 15 minutes or less is ideal for the busy practitioner.
  • Progress check quizzes to reinforce the material presented and monitor your progress. 
  • Videos are integrated into the course to engage and enhance learning.
  • Content is evidence-based, and supported by a comprehensive references list. 
  • Links to resources accessed at the point of care.
  • Quality of our content through our continuing professional development (CPD) certification.

The Story Behind the MiLHO Initiative

My story began 22 years ago. One evening, 38 weeks into my pregnancy, I remember feeling very unwell. That feeling got worse quickly, resulting in my husband’s frantic drive to the hospital. It felt like a race against time. I remember reaching the hospital entrance. Then I collapsed. The next thing I remember was hearing muffled voices as I drifted in and out of consciousness. ‘She’s hemorrhaging.’ ‘We need more blood.’ ‘She’s stone cold.’ I did not know at the time that I had suffered a detached placenta, the lifeline to my unborn child. That experience started me on my journey and career path in Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Medical practice is organic, constantly changing as new evidence and strategies emerge, written into guidelines to steer future practice towards optimal patient outcomes. Without continuous updates, medical knowledge and clinical skills stagnate. Patients receive suboptimal care. The consequences can be fatal. Access to CME is critical for optimal clinical practice, patient care, and positive health outcomes.

Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, such as low-resource countries, limited opportunities to access CME can create gaps in patient care. My 20+ years of experience in the continuing medical education field taught me that a lack of access to CME could be a recipe for potentially preventable morbidity and mortality.

Thankfully in my own story, my daughter and I both survived. The medical team attending to us was at the top of their game. Their knowledge and precision of skills were demonstrated in their competency. CME played its part. My daughter grew up healthy and strong. She is a West Point graduate currently serving in South Korea. But my story is the exception in many low-resource countries, although it need not be that way.

So, in my moments of silence, I thought of how I could use my knowledge and skills to impact patient care and, in doing so, make a small difference in the world. My answer was the value of CME, which I have benefited from; it moved me to start The Missing Link to Improved Health Outcomes, or the MiLHO, Initiative. The Initiative’s primary focus is to create opportunities for healthcare professionals in Africa to access online continuing medical education courses relevant to Africa’s unique medical practice environments. The goal is to support healthcare professionals in their local setting to continue learning about their passion in the medical field, which directly impacts the care of their patients.

I believe that those with first-hand experience best tell stories. Likewise, relevant content is developed by those who understand the need. Therefore, the MiLHO Initiative’s courses have three significant inputs from reviewers, editors, and subject matter experts from Africa. The courses are CPD certified, and we are seeking accreditation from several countries across Africa.

To support the MiLHO Initiative, please sign up for our courses or forward them to healthcare professionals who might benefit. In addition, we are always in need of writers, editors, and subject matter experts as content reviewers, so please get in touch with us today. Together we can impact patient care and their health outcomes.

About Helen Fosam

Helen Fosam is a leading figure in the Medical Writing field with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate and academic sectors. Helen combined her years of experience as a medical writer with her passion for improving patient health outcomes through continuing medical education (CME). With a focus on low-resource countries, Helen Founded the Missing Link to Improved Health Outcomes (MiLHO) Initiative. The Mission of the MiLHO Initiative is to support healthcare professionals in their local setting to deliver optimal patient care and health outcomes through online CME opportunities.

Helen holds a PhD in Physiology from Sheffield University, UK, an MSc in Biochemistry from Sussex University, UK, and a BSc in Biochemistry from Kent University, UK. Helen spent several years as a pre-clinical researcher, in academia as a faculty member, and in the healthcare sector as an R&D adviser. Helen has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals. She is currently the President of The American Medical Writers Association-Delaware Valley Chapter (AMWA-DVC).